What is WanTutor?

WanTutor is aiming at tutoring services delivery from the teachers to the students. WanTutor is emerging in the market in order to expand the opportunities for the education processes, make it possible for the Students to learn English online from home by reaching great Teachers from either home country or abroad.

What can I learn? The levels

According to CEFR, there are:

Level A1. A person is able to introduce himself/herself, ask other people and tell where he/she lives, what things he/she has. A person knows some basic vocabulary on such topics as family members, numbers, daily routine, food and drinks, clothes, hobbies, etc. A person can understand and use simple everyday expressions and very basic phrases aimed at asking something or asking for something (the direction, help, etc.) A person can have a simple conversation if the other person talks slowly and clearly.

Level A2. A person is able to tell more about himself/herself, using more words on such topics as family members, daily routine, food and drinks, clothes, hobbies, and also family information, local geography, employment. Basically this level is very similar to A1, but it includes more vocabulary and phrases to use when having a conversation, and also A2 level requires a better understanding of what the other person is saying.

Level B1.Some new vocabulary and topics are included, for instance more words and phrases about work, school, leisure, books and films etc. A person can express and describe experiences, emotions, events, dreams, plans. Also there is a skill to conduct more complex sentences and ideas. Spontaneity occurs at this point. Moreover, a person can deal with more situations whilst travelling in an area where the language is spoken.

Level B2.Even more complex sentences, texts and ideas, both concrete and abstract, are included at this level. A person becomes more fluent in speaking and finds it much easier to understand the other person. Some topics at this point may even include technical discussions in his/her field of specialization. A person can produce clear and detailed text on a wide range of subjects and explain a point of view on a topic giving the advantages and disadvantages of various options. In many cases, this level may be a passing score to enter the university.

Level C1. A person is not only fluent in speaking and skillful in listening and writing, but also can understand a wide range of demanding and longer texts, and recognize implicit meaning. The main attribute of a person is the ability to “think” in this language, which is a skill quite close to the native speaker’s ability. A person can also express himself/herself without even searching for expressions, use language flexibly and effectively for social, academic and professional purposes, and produce clear, well-structured, detailed text on complex subjects, showing a controlled use of organizational patterns and connectors. This level is achieved during the university studies or at work.

Level C2. A person is able to understand with ease everything heard or read. Some skills required at this level are to memorize and summarize bulk information from different spoken and written sources, reconstruct arguments and accounts in a coherent presentation, express him/herself spontaneously, very fluently and precisely, differentiating finer shades of meaning even in more complex situations. This is the level a native speaker has, but it also may be achieved by a non-native speaker after some years of living in a country with the native speakers and actively using the business/professional and academic language.

Why should I trust WanTutor?

We understand that there is no point of convincing you by words, so we are going to do that by deeds. First, we aim at the result by using the individual approach (whether you need more speaking practice/grammar explanations and exercises/anything else) and relating on your needs and goals which vary from the school program to the business language. If you clearly state your goals, we will assist you in achieving them. For this reason, your trial lesson is organized. In addition, during the trial lesson, the methodologist will determine your current language level to know what your Teacher should start with.

If the lesson does not take place due to the Teacher’s fault, the money (the full amount of the lesson) is returned to you. If a lesson is postponed to another time / day when all parties are notified in advance (all details are described in the Terms of Use), payment for the lesson is also postponed and the lesson is considered paid until it takes place.

How much does it cost to have a lesson with the Teacher?

One lesson with the Teacher costs 18 Eur. The trial lesson is free.

How do I pay for the lessons?

There is an opportunity to pay via bank transfer. WanTutor provides the bank account number in advance as well as other data which may be necessary for the transfer.

What are the benefits of online lessons?

  1. Online lessons take place regardless of where the Teacher and the Student are physically located.
  2. Saves time and money – no transfer needed.
  3. No need to go to any party’s private space (no lessons at home).

Who are the teachers at WanTutor?

Our team consists of qualified teachers who can teach remotely as well as can teach individuals abroad. They are certified teachers with pedagogical and individual teaching experience.

How long does the lesson last?

One lesson duration is 60 minutes.

Will I get the same academic results using online lessons compared to traditional ones?

Yes. The quality of teaching does not suffer from online lessons. During the lessons, you interact with the Teacher, get writing assignments and grammar exercises (depending on your goals and needs), and the platform allows you to see all the material and assignments needed for class work and homework.

If I failed to connect to the Internet during the lesson, what should I do?

Contact the WanTutor management team immediately!

Is it possible to study with WanTutor teacher outside WanTutor school?

No, it is not. Please understand that the funds from the lessons are invested into further school development, marketing, and employees’ salaries. By choosing WanTutor for your studies and becoming a part of WanTutor’s family you accepted the rules and principles, thus you would be asked to have your lessons on the platform which is offered by WanTutor.

Is a Teacher assigned to me?

Yes, the WanTutor methodologist assigns you a Teacher based on your goals and needs.